pearl zhu is a visionary and thought leader who continuously making influence via blogs, books, slideshares and online magazines.




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Diana Donovan

Midwest Book Review

“ I found Digital Master to be accessible to any interested in innovative approaches, business models, and collaborative ventures..."

Pearl is the author of "Digital Master," a set of guide books (9+books)  to help digital professionals and business navigate digital journey.


Pearl Zhu-A Digital Visionary
  • A "Digiteer" to weave business insight and technology foresight into the future of digital organization

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James Dodds

Pearl clearly knows her material very well and she has the kind of broad knowledge and she has the original point of the view of digital era.

Reinventing from engineer to entrepreneur to digital visioneer 

​Pearl Zhu is a digital visionary who can capture business insight and perceive digital leadership and management philosophy from multi-dimensional lenses and global perspectives.

pearl zhu well blends Western management and Eastern philosophy to share poetic quotes for touching hearts and minds

thought leadership

Pearl is a prolific daily blogger who created a popular professional blog "Future of CIO which reaches 3200 posting and 1,500,000 views worldwide.