digital  innovation

Digital innovation is full spectrum of light every business is pursuing now. 

digital intelligence

Digital Master discusses all different business intelligence and analytics.

digital workforce

Digital workforce has growth mindset, and purpose-driven work philosophy 

digital master - A guidebook with nine comprehensive chapters

A Guide Book to Debunk the Myths of Enterprise Digital Maturity;

A Bridge Book to Mind Industrial era and Digital Era;

A Play Book to Shape Game-changing Digital Mindsets

A Framework to Orchestrate Dynamic Digital Capabilities.

Digital Master

Less than 5% of organizations are reaching the highest level of digital maturity

Digital strategy

Digital strategy-execution is a dynamic continuum for achieve business agility   .

Digital Mindset

Change the game is the mindset. Hire Mindset, train for skills to compete.

digital master, cio master thinkingaire, talent master


Pearl Zhu-A Digital Visionary
  • A "Digiteer" to weave business insight and technology foresight into the future of digital organization

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digital master, cio master thinkingaire, talent master
digital master, digital mind, innovation
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digital maturity

From implementing digital technology to being a digital business is a leapfrogging.  

digital culture

Culture is the collective minds and habit, it is invisible, but powerful. It's business DNA.  

digital capability

Digital capability has recombinant nature and capability-based strategy is executable.