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Pearl Zhu-A Digital Visionary
  • A "Digiteer" to weave business insight and technology foresight into the future of digital organization

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digital master, cio master thinkingaire, talent master
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"CIO Master" Quotes

1. CIOs need to be IT evangelists and learn to sell, speak business.

2. Digital IT is all about speed, agility, and flexibility.

3. IT can coordinate all necessary business elements, either hard or soft, to orchestrate a digital symphony.

4. IT delivery is about People, Process, and Technology.

5. The future of digital organizations is to be complex enough to act intelligently and nimble enough to adapt to the change promptly.

6. Talent Management innovation needs to be seen in the context of business level strategy.

Pearl Zhu's Brief Bio:  

Go Digital, Like a Pro!

Pearl Zhu has more than 20 years of technical and business working experience in Information Technology, E-commerce, international trading, etc. She is a digital visionary who can capture technological foresight, business insight, and digital leadership philosophy from multidimensional lenses and global perspectives. She also is a forward looking digital leader who advocates business innovation and culture evolution relentlessly. 

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"Digital Master" Quotes:

1. Vision: It is to zoom in the future as if it were closer.

2. Mindset: digital creates the new demand and dimension for global leadership mindset. 

3. strategy: It is like a GPS to navigate through business's digital journey.

4. culture: Culture is What happens when managers are not around.

5. capability: digital capabilities cut across all functional pillars. 

6. Innovation: Innovation is the only bridge to mind digital gaps.

7. intelligence: Every opportunity has risks in it; and every risk has opportunities in it.

8. empathy: sympathy warms the heart; but empathy connects the minds.